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Kitty Merchant Florida USA For the Survivors of the Xenia Ohio Tornado their friends and families and those doing Research  

Table of Contents


Tornado Xenia Ohio

Xenia Ohio Tornado 1974 F5 Photos by Kitty Merchant a survivor in Florida USA

Tornado Xenia Ohio Photos April 3 1974 Sound Fade
Kitty's Emergency Survival Procedures for Tornados
Fujita Scale

LOCATION Map of 1974 Xenia Ohio Tornado Photos Pictures

Kitty Merchant's Tornado Terminology

Xenia Tornado Links



Interactive Weather Titusville Florida USA
Titusville Eastern Florida Wild Fires 1998 by Kitty Merchant

Living In Florida

Kitty Merchant Titusville Florida Brevard County from Xenia Ohio

Senator Big Tree Park

Kennedy Space Center and Space Cam Links


 Family Work Life

Kitty  Merchant Resume
Kathleen Rose Merchant Resume
FLA KATHLEEN ROSE Family Photo Album

Kitty's Family Photo Gallery

Kitty Merchant Purrs Titusville Brevard Florida USA  Home Web Cam

Links for Great Minds

Art and Poetry

Merchant Siren By Kitty Merchant
Picture Art from Titusville Florida by Kitty Merchant


Web Card Greetings

 Kitty Merchant Free Greeting Cards
 The Starfish

 Take Mine He's Yours!

 Hello Smile




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May I suggest these informative sites for additional information pertaining to the 1974 Xenia Ohio Tornado. This list does not include all information available. Unfortunately we are losing a lot of information that once was available on the internet as the result of time and change on the internet. I can only hope that the survivors stories will be preserved and more photos will appear as more individuals gain the confidence they need to start their own web site. There are many avenues to search for information about tornadoes on the internet: a web search, a news search, an image search, a groups search. The  listing here exemplifies the dedication of the individual work and efforts of each Web Owner Master.


Xenia Tornado 1974

Xenia F5 Tornado 1974

1974 Xenia Ohio Tornado
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